Twitter targeted advertising

Twitter targeted ads


Twitter launched a new platform last month for companies to hit customers with targeted advertising, using algorithms to sniff out important words that supposedly interpret what the tweet maker wants or desires.

In an example posted Wednesday by Twitter revenue manager Nipoon Malhotra, if you tweet you’re listening to a band that happens to have a concert coming up in your city, the concert’s venue could send a Promoted Tweet into your Twitter Timeline with a link to buy tickets.

So this new “keyword targeting” platform could be a key revenue generator step for the San Francisco microblogging service.

“This is an important new capability – especially for those advertisers looking for signals of intent – because it lets marketers reach users at the right moment, in the right context,” Malhotra wrote in a company blog.

Twitter says it’s not going to push more advertising in front of Twitter users and insists it’s making the experience better.

“Users can still dismiss Promoted Tweets they don’t find relevant,” Malhotra wrote. “In fact, we believe users’ experiences with ads will improve as a result of this feature as they see more relevant Promoted Tweets.”

He said tests with advertisers like Microsoft Japan and Walgreens showed users were “significantly more likely to engage with Promoted Tweets using keyword replica breitling watches targeting in timeline than other forms of targeting in the timeline.”

He also said wearable video camera maker GoPro “saw close to two million impressions and engagement rates as high as 11 per cent on Tweets promoted using the new feature.”

So what if someone tweets about bad experiences with a particular store or restaurant, will they still get Promoted Tweets exhorting them to come in and buy something?

Not necessarily. Twitter’s advertising platforms do have negative sentiment matching and forms of automated and human intervention in place that are designed to prevent, for example, a Burger King from targeting someone who tweets he hates McDonalds. Or for that matter, an advertiser who might try to target a drug user or fan of adult entertainment.


So, if Twitter still hasn’t become a regular part of your business day then now is the time to embrace the blue bird and look into some really targeted advertising.

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Update your website with latest trends.

facebook promoted posts

This year has seen many new trends in website design, the updates in CSS3, JavaScript and Jquery along with some innovative designers and coders have seen sites get more engaging for the user. The sites that make use of social media to encourage their users to spread the word about their fantastic new websites will no doubt have benefited from increased awareness and sales as a result.

Here are 5 of the more popular redesign options.

1. Infinite scrolling
Used to great effect by its not going to be to everyones taste but it has great visual impact. Just take a peek at Pinterest or Tumblr to see how popular and easy it is for image based websites.

2. Single page websites
Not a new concept but one that’s definitely caught on this year. Just take a look at our latest Highersitesgroup member, and you will see what a visually stunning and practical design solution this is. All the content on one page with limited menu buttons make this ideal for tablets and mobile devices.

3. CSS transparency
Used by personal page website, this design element has really caught on. It allows for full page use for images and information whilst still being able to create a focal point, allowing us to draw the user to a specific area. Also worth pointing out is that transparency works with boxes of all colours, just be careful to make the text readable on these areas.

4. Large photo backgrounds
If you have a business that depends on visuals, a hotel, a flooring or furniture store, an art gallery, you know the sort of site i mean? these sites really depend on impact. If the potential buyer can see a large, detailed image of your product then you are already halfway to a customer.
Competing with high street stores has never been easy when your product needs perspective, sizes can be misleading unless you can show them next to a well known object like a sofa, car, house etc. Large photo backgrounds, problem solved.

And finally,

5. Social media icons
You may not think of social media as a design trend but i can assure you it is. There are many businesses that have not followed the trend of putting social media icons on everything they do and they have lost out on business for sure. Giving people the option to advertise for you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc is a piece of design work you will not want to make the mistake of missing out on.
When you come up with the concept for your trendy new website remember to factor in where your social media icons will go.
When you want an updated , modern look for your website contact us at Highersites, we can get you going in the right direction.

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A picture is worth?

Infographics and marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s so true in a world where time is now a resource that very few can afford to waste. Getting as much information to your potential customer as quickly as possible is vital.
Say hello to a marketing tool that you will learn to love called infographics.

What is an infographic?

Put simply an infographic is a visual representation of complex data, information or knowledge, used to convey your message in a very pleasing , rapid manner to the viewer.

infographics for business

Why use infographics?

Infographics are often easy to produce than a blog and the potential to be shared around the internet is very high. All those links going back to your website from sites with related content is going to do your ranking no harm at all.

They are easy to share on social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest and therefore can increase your brand awareness exponentially. Simply add your link to your website address, include your logo to the visual and watch the hit counter go crazy.

Good infographics also allow you to showcase your knowledge and establish you as an expert in your field, that’s got to be good for your business.
Google images will index and include your infographic in the search engine results. It’s well known that pictures often rank higher than words.

Making it work for you

In order for this to work for you, you have to make sure you have accurate facts and figures to report, make sure you include the source of these to back up your claims.

Create a storyboard so that it reads well, nothing worse than a reader having to try and work out what’s going on and they will lose interest very quickly.

When you are designing your infographic keep it simple, to much information in a small space will make it hard for the reader to register all the information you are trying to get across and again, they will lose interest.

Always have an end point to it, nothing more annoying than reading a book that doesn’t have an ending, even if it’s your company motto or tagline,
“That’s why people eat cheese” is better than just “Cheese”.


Give yourself credit, make sure you put the author or your company name and logo, and very importantly, your url.

HigherSites have a team of designers with years of experience and expert knowledge behind them and our marketing team know exactly how to use your infographic to breitling replica watches boost your business and your brand.
Producing your infographic and making sure it gets used to its full potential couldn’t be any easier, simply visit our website for more information.




Cool tech for 2014

Technology is getting ready to make us all go wow this year.

Here are a few of the best bits to look forwards to.

Formula E

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Just as sexy as F1 but battery powered, these cars are due to get racing around the cities of the world in September 2014. They are expected to be a little slower at around 155 mph but add them to some spectacular street circuits and the excitement will be electric, sorry. Oh and the batteries only last 20 minutes so instead of changing tires the drivers will be changing cars in the pit stops. Should be interesting.

I bet our boys in would love to get their design mitts on these cars.

Virgin Galactic

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The day we have all been waiting for, for 3 years, is finally going to arrive.

I am sure you have all forgotten about Sir Richards outer space dreams but please take a look at the video, the tech is simply, out of this world, sorry again.

Holograms, Star wars style I think, hmm

holo chat

3D holograms are going to be coming to a screen of some sort really soon.

Musion is a company that specialises in 3D effects, in particular in holographic projection. They have already created some truly staggering shows which you can view here.

Taking a step closer to a Yoda-chat scenario is

LDS are the devices that allows to display images in mid air. This unique technology makes possible to walk through the image, touch it or interact with it. Streams of barely visible fog becomes an image carrier and their laminar structure allows to display hi resolution contents.
View this amazing tech in action here 

The advertising and entertainment possibilities are cartier replica watches endless as well as the chance to do clever stuff like they do on TV like explode virtual diagrams for  design and research.
An IBM survey of 3,000 researchers recently named holographic video calls as one technology they expected to see in place in the next year or so. Cool.



Link build a better 2014

Link building campaigns

What is link building about?

2014 is upon us and we are all looking at the best way to proceed when it comes to building our online business.

If you have been actively involved in a marketing campaign of any sort recently then you would have heard of link building, ever wondered what it is all about?

If we look back at the techniques our SEO experts advised us were needed in order to build a solid place in the search engines there was a lot of importance placed on links.

The smart business’s took notice and have gone on to achieve better rankings and these have hopefully translated into increased business.

To give yourself a fighting chance with Google, Yahoo, Bing etc you need to be thinking about adopting a link building strategy now.

Why link building?

Link building has been controversial recently with many sites that sell links with the promise of giving better page rank being heavily penalised and even in some cases banned from Google. That said linking remains the best way of getting a boost as long as its done right, if you are linking to your website from content relevant sites, then you can gain some credence with the engines and get a well deserved raise.

From Matt Cutts, Googles search engine guru in a recent interview.

“Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover (how relevant or important somebody is) and maybe, over time, social or authorship or other types of markup will give us a lot more information about that.”

Pagerank out, relevance ranking in

Google pagerank may be dead and buried but it has been replaced with relevance ranking.

Relevance ranking offers a far better experience for the end user and stops these link farms from being to manipulate the websites that people see on the first pages of the search results. By providing links replica watches from internet content that is relevant to your website you will offer your potential customer a seamless journey from search through to end product. A stress free journey will leave the user feeling like they ended up in the right place ( your site ) and will have them in the right mental state to end up with your end product.

Wrong ways

For every safe way of creating a good value link there are three unsafe ways not to do it, buying links, incorrectly optimised text, automated programs, these are a few ways to potentially damage your Google reputation and create a drop in search engine placement.

Google is smart

The right way is to ensure quality is continued thought out the process, make it a logical progression rather than a wild leap and Google will reward you.

Getting a link from a website selling chocolate, when you sell spark-plugs wont help your relevance ranking.Getting a link from a garage or mechanic will.

The introduction of Google’s knowledge graph in 2012 changed the way SEO is done for the better, in Googles words, its about things, not strings.

Its widened the user experience to include all subjects relevant to the original search, with this kind of algorithm in place Google will also ignore irrelevant information, such as your badly placed nonsense links.

Google Knowledge Graph info here


There are no ways to shorten the process in building high quality links. Spending a couple of hours a month on getting it right will keep the ranking reapers from your door.

There are no short cuts to achieve good, high quality, relevant links. It’s time consuming, but, it’s vital to making a success of your business.

For more information on starting an online marketing or SEO campaign please visit Getsmartbox Internet Marketing.

Written by

Mark White

Online Marketing Specialist|HigherSites® Group